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This Blu Ray/DVD Combo pack includes the BONUS CUT edition of FILMAGE and is packed with nearly 80 additional minutes of bonus content!


-- FILMAGE: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL [Blu Ray & DVD Versions - 2 Disc] - 90 mins (Stereo and 5.1 Versions) (with English, Spanish, Portuguese and French subtitles available)

This Blu Ray & DVD Version - [2 Disc] Combo Pack includes the following Bonus Content:

-- FILMAGE: BONUS CUT [included on Blu Ray & DVD] - 50 more minutes of FILMAGE in this collection of interviews, archival footage, live shows and band history that landed on the cutting room floor.

-- THE LOMBARDO SHORT [included on Blu Ray & DVD] - 11 more minutes with original bassist and one-of-a-kind human being, Tony Lombardo. This short expands on his time in the band as well as his life and legacy after leaving. Features new music from Tony along with his acoustic version of "Suburban Home."

-- THE STEVENSON MONOLOGUES [included on Blu Ray & DVD] - 10 mins - A deeper peek into the thoughtful mind of Bill Stevenson as he sounds off on fashion, religion, high school, Milo and more.

-- FILMAGE LIVEAGE [included on Blu Ray & DVD] - 8 mins - Live footage of DESCENDENTS shot and edited FILMAGE-style.

-- FILMAGE Official Trailer [included on Blu Ray & DVD] - 3 mins

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